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The water in my swimming pool has a metallic blue effect, my hair turns green ... what can I do?

How can I recognise a copper oxidation problem?

Pool water has turned metallic blue, with a shimmering effect

A product or substance added to water contains copper sulphate

After swimming, hair has green highlights

Copper sulphates have a colouring action on light hair

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Green water, algae infestation Turbid water Green or brown transparent water

Step by step

  1. Raise the pH to between 7.5 and 7.8

    using pH-Plus. With a higher pH, copper removal will be easier with the flocculant. > pH-Plus

  2. Add a flocculant

    If you have a sand filter, place a cartridge of Superflock Plus in the skimmer to sequester the copper in the water.. > Superflock Plus

  3. Filter twenty-four hours a day

    Leave the filter running 24 hours a day until the problem is solved.

  4. The water still not crystal clear?

    After washing the filter, if the water is still not crystal clear, add another Superflock Plus cartridge in the skimmer. > Superflock Plus

  5. Adjust the pH of the water

    With pH-Minus or pH-Plus. Adjust the pH to between 7.0 and 7.4 if treating with chlorine. For bromine treatments, adjust the pH to between 7.4 and 7.6.. >  pH MinuspH PlusQuicktestPooltester Electronic

  6. Add an algaecide

    that does not contain copper sulphate such as Desalgin® JET > Desalgin® JET

  7. Filter twenty-four hours a day

    Until the water is crystal clear again, then resume your normal daily filtration routine.

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