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Myths of water care

Do away with popular beliefs!


Myths and prejudices about water treatment are primarily due to a lack of knowledge about the chemical processes in a pool. These factually unfounded myths can lead to errors in water care, and thus impact the bathing comfort. 

Our experts from the research and development department have dealt with the most common issues. Thanks to their know-how and ability to explain facts clearly, we put you in a position to distinguish right from wrong!



Distinguish right from wrong !

► Strong chlorine smell is caused by too much chlorine in the water



This is perhaps the most wide spread myth. In reality, however, it is quite different. A strong chlorine smell is often caused by too little chlorine in the water.

It is incorrectly assumed that the unpleasant odor often associated with chlorine treated pools and spas is due to an excess of chlorine in the water. In most cases, however, it is due to a lack of chlorine. The reason being that chlorine reacts with impurities in the water and forms chloramines. And these chloramines cause the characteristic pungent chlorine smell. In a second reaction step, these molecules are normally destroyed by the chlorine. However, if all the chlorine has already been used up by destroying impurities, it can no longer destroy the chloramines in a second step.


To avoid these inconveniences, your pool water should consistently contain a level of 0.5 to 1 mg/l of free chlorine. When the pool is heavily used or after a thunderstorm, it is often necessary to carry out a shock chlorination by using Chlorifix® or Chloriklar® for example. These BAYROL product consists of pure, highly concentrated organic chlorine granules (Chlorifix®) / tablets (Chloriklar®) for an immediate and efficient shock treatment. When water treatment problems occur, add 200g of Chlorifix® per 10m³ directly to the water, or 10 Chloriklar® tablets per 10m³ to the skimmer while the circulation pump is running. These organic chlorine granules (Chlorifix®) / tablets (Chloriklar®) work immediately against bacteria, fungi and viruses and break down organic turbidity and impurities in swimming pool water.


► Pool water does not need to be filtered



On the contrary. Filtration is the lung of the pool and accounts for 80% of the water treatment.

Filtering the water removes most of the impurities from the pool and creates movement, thus reducing the growth of algae and bacteria. Filtration is therefore crucial, and is the basis for optimal water care.


For the dual disinfection of sand or glass filters, use Filterclean Tab. This 200 g tablet is a strong disinfectant for filters, which increases the effectiveness of water treatment products and improves the water quality. This patented chlorine tablet disintegrates after about 10 minutes and removes impurities accumulated in the filter bed of the sand filter despite backwashing. Filterclean Tab reduces the consumption of water treatment products and improves the water quality.


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