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The magical power of hot springs has been used for the well-being of mind, body and soul for centuries. It was tradition for the Greeks and the Romans to stimulate tired muscles and the stressed spirit by bathing in hot water. Today this function is performed by modern spas. With their multitude of functions they guarantee a healthy timeout.

To protect your health and to maintain your investment, the water in your spa requires the appropriate care.

SpaTime by BAYROL offers discerning spa owners easy-to-use, harmonised care products to keep the water in your spa clear, fresh and perfectly hygienic at all times.

Spa maintenance made easy

Water Balance

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      Well-being is also about the right water quality and the right balance. The pH value, which affects the longevity of your spa, the efficacy of the water care products and your well-being, should be maintained between 7.2 – 7.6. You can regulate it with pH Minus or pH Plus.

      Alkalinity (value to be adjusted with Alca-Plus®) also contributes to this balance. The TAC level should be above 80 mg/L.

      To maintain a good balance, it is recommended to check these values at least once a week with the SpaTime test strips and adjust them if necessary.

      The high temperature of the spa water tends to increase the pH, especially after filling. This is the time to check and regulate the pH level. Hot water also tends to form limescale deposits and become cloudy. Hardness Stabiliser helps to remedy this problem. 

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      Disinfection & Water oxidation

      In a spa, disinfection is an essential step and must be done regularly. You can choose between three methods of disinfection / oxidation:

      • Chlorine (Chlorine granules or chlorine tablets)
      • Active oxygen (Active oxygen granules or active oxygen activator)
      • Bromine (Bromine tablets)

      In order to guarantee a higher water quality, we have developed a basic disinfection product to be added every week, regardless of the treatment method. In the form of pre-dosed sachets, Disinfectant Plus reinforces disinfection and prevents water quality problems. 

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      Sufficiently filter your water

      Sufficiently filter your water

      Filtration is one of the most important aspects of spa maintenance. Clean the filter cartridge at least every four weeks with Filter Cleaner.

      To prevent water problems and keep your water clear, use our spa Clarifyer. This product ensures that small impurities, which are normally not retained in the filter, are combined into larger particles and thus made filterable. SpaTime Clarifyer is suitable for all types of filters.

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      Change the water regularly

      Over time, spa water becomes enriched with chemicals and other impurities and it is important to renew it regularly.

      From time to time, spas require further maintenance and cleaning to ensure the quality of the water. For example, deposits on the walls of the spa and in the pipe systems should be removed (with Surface Cleaner and Pipework Cleaner) and foaming after the jets are activated should be prevented with Anti-Foam.

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