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SpaTime Anti Foam
SPA Cleaning

Highly concentrated liquid anti-foaming for spa / jacuzzi.

  • When: when required
  • Dosage: 10ml per m³
  • Homme_piscine

    SpaTime Anti Foam is a highly effective anti foaming agent for your spa / jacuzzi water.

    Always read label and product information before use.

    Foam is caused by soap residues or personal care products, among other things.

    Spatime Anti Foam is compatible with all disinfection methods.

    • Benefits
      Removes foam on the water surface
      Acts quickly and efficiently
    • Use

      This product is to be used exclusively for the specified purpose in accordance with this description.

      • If necessary, add the SpaTime Anti Foam (10 ml / m³) directly to the water. Shake before use.
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