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Simply put your trust in BAYROL - it is the safest way to swim in hygienically clean and crystal clear water. We have been utilising our know-how to optimise the water treatment for domestic and commercial swimming pools for more than 65 years.


Our expertise at your service


We offer everything you need for an easy and optimal water care - from products for a reliable basic care to multifunctional products and problem solvers to quickly get the water back in shape.

We supply products that meet the highest quality standards and provide you with the highest possible bathing comfort.

We support you in choosing the right product to be applied at the right time and in the right dosage amount, thus proactively avoiding problems with the water treatment


Since the beginning of our activities in swimming pool water care, our products have been used for water treatment in commercial swimming pools (municipal pools, campsites, hotels).

Today, we are present in over 1,000 municipal swimming pools in France and collaborate with many large city municipalities and semi-public pools.

Our expertise in this field is displayed in a wide range of special products developed exclusively for the specific requirements and needs of commercial pools.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of reliable and high-quality automatic measuring, control and dosing systems that comply with the standards for swimming pools accessible by the public.

Pool water is a living element and every pool is different.

To meet all requirements, we have developed a wide range of products for manual and automatic water care of swimming pools and whirlpools.

Our products for the manual treatment for a crystal clear and clean pool water

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      A complete range of pool water care products

      We offer an extensive range comprising over 80 BAYROL products for crystal clear and hygienically clean water. The range covers all areas of water care, from pH regulation to filter cleaning and algae prevention, to treat the water in all types of swimming pools (inground/partially inground as well as aboveground pools).

solutions BASED ON chlorine, bromine and active OXYGEN

Our assortment features high-quality specialty pool care products that can be combined with the three treatment methods chlorine, bromine and active oxygen:

  • Water analysis
  • Water balance
  • Algae prevention
  • Flocculation/Clarifyer
  • Cleaning for pool surfaces

Whichever treatment method you prefer, we offer the perfect solution!

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      Innovations with resounding success

      For example, our Chlorilong® range has turned out to be a real bestseller. To meet the demands of all pool owners, we have divided our Chlorilong® tablet range into three categories: CLASSIC, POWER5 and ULTIMATE7.

      Since then, sales of Chlorilong® tablets have been unbroken, not least thanks to the Clorodor Control® capsule, one of BAYROL's latest innovations, which prevents the unpleasant smell of chlorine at the pro dealer store as well as at the end consumer's home.

Our BAYROL Technik solutions for automatic water care

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      Our range of automatic measuring, control and dosing systems

      Containing a great deal of know-how and expertise, BAYROL Technik offers a range of reliable and premium quality systems for the automatic measurement, control and dosing of liquid products for pool water care.

      No matter whether you want to maintain your pool with salt, liquid chlorine, bromine or active oxygen, our range contains the perfect automatic solution to meet your requirements.


BAYROL Technik dosing systems based on the three treatment methods chlorine, bromine and active oxygen allow:

  • Water analysis
  • pH regulation and dosing
  • Measuring and dosing of the disinfectant
  • Remote control of your pool equipment

Our entire range of dosing systems for chlorine, bromine and active oxygen is manufactured in Germany.

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      For water treatment with chlorine, bromine or active oxygen:

      • Economy class featuring Automatic Cl/pH includes devices that incorporate BAYROL's know-how for a simple and efficient automatic water care.
      • Functional class featuring Pool Relax® for the best water quality. Offers switch functions in addition to automatic measuring and dosing.
      • Premium class featuring the PoolManager® range, a state-of-the-art device that also allows the remote control of your entire pool.

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      For water treatment of salt water pools

Our SpaTime products for a pleasant and clean spa water

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      The premium care range specially dedicated to your spa or hot tub water

      To protect your health as well as your financial investment, spa water requires an appropriate level of care. To cover it, we have expanded our range with SpaTime® by BAYROL.

      This particular assortment takes into account the special conditions that exist in your spa or hot tub. For example, high water temperatures as well as the introduction of air for the bubble effect represent a special challenge to the water treatment.

      SpaTime® offers you a comprehensive range of care products to ensure that the water in your spa remains crystal clear and hygienically clean at all times.

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