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Automatic SALT
Private pool Water analysis 1) Water balancing 2) Permanent disinfection

Perfect water quality with the most modern and reliable dosing system for automatic pool water maintenance using salt electrolysis.

Controls pH and disinfectant
For pools up to 80 m³ with Automatic SALT AS5
For pools up to 140 m³ with Automatic SALT AS7
Analysis cell integrated in the pool piping
Maintenance with chlorine by means of salt electrolysis

The fully automatic salt electrolysis system Automatic SALT ensures perfect water quality all year round. Efficient, intuitive, durable.

Automatic SALT combines the expertise and decades of experience of BAYROL Technik in a salt electrolysis system designed from the ground up. It features, among other things, a new high-performance electrolysis cell and the Smart&Easy analysis and dosing chamber, which ensure perfect water quality at all times.

The streamlined user interface makes setting up the Automatic SALT as easy as can be. The salt electrolysis system not only handles the production of chlorine from the salt dissolved in the water, it also measures the redox potential to ensure a constant level of sanitizer. In addition, Automatic SALT measures and regulates the pH value.

Caution: The installation and commissioning of the Automatic SALT must be carried out by a trained professional installer! Please read the unit's instruction manual carefully to familiarize yourself with its operation, paying particular attention to safety rules and instructions. If you have any questions, please contact your specialist dealer.

  • Benefits
    Complete system

    Includes continuous measurement and control of pH and disinfectant content (via redox)

    Low Salt

    Works from 1.5 g/l salt

    Simple installation
    • Smart & Easy Connector: all-in-one component holder with screw terminals
    • Cell holder with screw terminals
    • Color-coded connectors for easy connection
    • Commissioning wizard
    Made in Germany

    Developed and manufactured by BAYROL Technik, Germany

  • Technical data

    Automatic SALT is available in two versions:

    • Automatic SALT AS5, 5 plate hybrid cell, up to 80 m³
    • Automatic SALT AS7, 7 plate hybrid cell, up to 140 m³

    4.3" TFT color touch screen


    pH, ORP, salinity, water temperature

    • Flow monitoring
    • Gas sensor in the electrolysis cell
    • Signal input for an electric pool cover
    • Paddle flow switch
    • Production mode: auto, auto plus, constant production, safe, pause, boost
    • 325 x 210 x 120 mm (H x W x D)
    • Cell Ø 50 mm
    • Smart&Easy Connector Ø63/50 mm
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