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Automatic SALT

Immerse yourself in a relaxed, refreshing and pleasant saltwater experience with Automatic Salt

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Regulates pH and chlorine production
Salinity of only 1.5 g/l
Care with chlorine by means of salt electrolysis
For private pools
Efficient, high-performance electrolysis cells up to 140m³
Easy integration into pool piping
Pool control (heating, circulation pump, lighting) optionally with Smart&Easy Control Module

Technical Specifications


Automatic Salt is available in two versions:

  • Automatic SALT AS5, 5 plates cell, up to 80 m³
  • Automatic SALT AS7, 7 plates cell, up to 140 m³

4.3" TFT color touch screen

Electrolysis cell
  • Salinity from 1.5 to 40 g/l
  • Horizontal and vertical installation possible (Ø 50 mm connection)
Measured values
  • pH
  • Redox value
  • Water temperature
  • Salt content
Pump Specification
  • Flow volume: 2.4 l/h
  • Delivery pressure: 1.5 bar
  • Dimensions: H 320 × W 210 × D 120 mm
  • Protection class: IP 65
  • Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Alarm in case of setpoint exceeding or falling below
  • Intelligent dosing with dosing time alarm
  • Integrated gas- and salt-sensor in the electrolysis cell
  • Empty canister level message
  • Wizard with helpful tips


A comfortable complete device, for safe, automatic water care. Measurement and control of pH, Redox potential, and salinity for optimal water quality.


Integrated WiFi module enables remote access via an Internet-enabled device, simply via app and/or integration into the BAYROL web portal.


Large touch screen, user-oriented graphical interface, intuitive menu navigation.


The installation and integration into the circulation system is very simple and timesaving due to the compact design, even in confined spaces.

Simple and secure

The Smart&Easy technology ensures very easy commissioning and reliable operation. It contains visual and audible warnings.

Proven and reliable

Developed and manufactured by BAYROL Technik in Germany. Benefit from strict quality controls throughout the entire production chain, from mechanical and electronic components to assembly.

Automatic SALT is the smart salt electrolysis product from the research and development work of Bayrol Technik, produced and developed in Germany. It regulates the production of chlorine from the salt dissolved in the water, and it also measures and regulates the pH, which ensures a safe, sustainable, and more environmentally friendly treatment of your pool water: optimal water quality without the risk of overdose.

The Smart&Easy technology makes Automatic Salt an ideal companion to give you an undisturbed and safe bathing pleasure. The large display and the menu navigation, which is easy to understand even for inexperienced users, leave nothing to be desired in terms of operation. Automatic Salt has intelligent software functions, such as the initial commissioning wizard, which helps you to easily define the essential parameters of the device. In operation, this also gives useful tips for occurring status messages.

Automatic Salt automatically and precisely analyses the pH value and the chlorine content (redox) and regulates them by injecting liquid pH and by generating free chlorine with the help of salt electrolysis. This ensures a stable water balance and thus enables a steady disinfection performance with the optimal chlorine content. The electrolysis cell can also produce free chlorine from a salt content of only 1.5 g/l and the technical and high-quality design makes it easy to integrate into the existing pool system.

In combination with the included Smart&Easy Connector SE, Automatic Salt is completed. This enables easy installation of all sensors and is compact and spacesaving. The integrated flow switch and temperature sensors provide additional safety and pool information on the device.

Automatic Salt is equipped as standard with an integrated WiFi module that allows convenient remote access to the pool water parameters via a smartphone or any other Internet-enabled device. The remote access allows not only a reading of the measured values but also full access to the settings - so you have your pool water quality fully under control even on the go.

For even more far-reaching automation of water care, Automatic Salt can be equipped with an optional premium suction lance with a canister level sensor: The level sensor reports an empty canister promptly and reliably. The fill level is also visualized on the device display as an icon and can therefore be checked through the device remote access.

Attention: In order to avoid health risks, care must be taken when using a pH and chlorine dosing system to ensure correct installation and operation. The installation and commissioning of Automatic Salt should therefore be carried out by a trained specialist installer! Read the device's instruction manual carefully and familiarize yourself with the safety rules and instructions. If you have any questions, please contact your reseller.

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    • Smart&Easy.png
      Smart&Easy Technology

      Automatic pool maintenance with a focus on the essentials

      • Very simple installation and reliable operation with visual and acoustic warning signals.
      • Very simple, user-friendly and intuitive user interface, large 4.3'' touchscreen.
      • Additional software features, such as the initial set-up assistant, an intelligent dosing time alarm and timed injection of care products, as well as helpful tips with step-by-step instructions in the case of a warning message.

    • Automatic-WiFi.png
      Integrated WiFi Module

      Control your Automatic SALT remotely and conveniently via application

      • Equipped with an integrated WiFi module by default, which also enables remote control of the appliance via a mobile device, such as a tablet or mobile phone.
      • Full access to the settings and full control over your pool, even when you're on the move.

    • Automat-SALT-Teaser.png
      Precise analysis and dosage

      Reliable dosing system for automatic pool water maintenance through salt electrolysis

      • Analyses the pH value and chlorine content (redox) automatically and precisely
      • Low Salt : The electrolytic cell can generate free chlorine from a salt content of just 1.5 g/l
      • pH-Minus Liquid Domestic is injected using quiet and powerful dosing pumps

Smart&Easy Control Module | Box

Control a variety of functions of your pool!


Smart&Easy Control Module

Innovative extension that enables the control of a variety of pool functions such as the filter pump (standard or variable speed), pool lighting and water attractions. It communicates with the Automatic SALT via a secure, wireless 1:1 connection.


Smart&Easy Box

With the Smart&Easy Box, you have all the important electronic components already preconfigured and integrated in a control box. In addition to the Smart&Easy Control Module, it is equipped with the necessary protection and control functions for the filter pump, lighting and the automatic SALT dosage unit!

The Automatic Salt is completed in combination with the Smart&Easy Connector SE already included. The integrated flow and temperature sensors provide additional safety and further pool information on the device.

For even more extensive automation of water care, the Automatic Salt can be equipped with an optionally available premium suction lance with fill level sensor: The fill level sensor reports an empty canister promptly and reliably. The fill level is also visualised on the device display as a symbol and can be checked via the mobile device remote access.

Caution: In order to avoid health risks, the use of a pH and chlorine dosing system must be installed and operated correctly. The installation and initial operation of Automatic SALT should therefore be carried out by a trained specialist installer! Read the operating instructions for the appliance carefully and familiarise yourself with the safety rules and instructions. If you have any questions, please contact your dealer.

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