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Why is pool water treatment important?


Your pool water is subject to many external disturbances and requires regular maintenance. 

Having your own pool in the garden is like a little piece of paradise. We are here to help you enjoy crystal clear and hygienically clean water throughout the season!

Insufficient care can have harmful effects

An inadequate pool water treatment can be detrimental not only to your health, but also to the pool and its equipment:

  • An incorrectly adjusted pH will cause skin irritation and reduce the effectiveness of the disinfectant
  • If disinfection is not carried out bacteria multiply, which are harmful to health and equipment
  • Algae causes green discoloration of the water and damages the pool surface
  • Calcium precipitations makes walls rough and impairs filtration

To get the most out of your pool and enjoy clean, healthy water all season long, you should follow a few simple rules when it comes to physical and chemical water treatment.


Physical and chemical water treatment

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      Keep the water moving and filter it

      Filtration is the lung of the pool and represents 80% of the water treatment. Therefore the entire pool volume should be completely circulated several times a day. 

      The rule of thumb for the minimum daily filter running time is, water temperature divided by 2. For water temperatures above 30°C, we strongly recommend filtering 24 hours.

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      Take care of your water

      Filtration removes most impurities through the filter. Although filtration is an important part of the water treatment, it cannot retain all impurities in the filter. For this reason, the use of chemical products is necessary for optimal water quality. BAYROL pool water care products effectively complement the physical water care.

      Before adding care products to the water, you should know the pool water volume. With a simple calculation, you can determine how many cubic meters of water your pool contains, regardless of its shape.


Rectangular pools: 
Length x width x depth*= ____ m3

Round pools: 
Diameter x diameter x depth* x 0.79 = ____ m3

Oval pools: 
Longest length x widest width x depth* x 0.89 = ____ m3

Figure-8 pools: 
Longest length x widest width x depth* x 0.85 = ____ m3

*Depth = Average water depth

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      Clean your pool

      The secret of a clean and well-maintained pool is not water treatment only. Clean your pool regularly at least once a week, and daily when the pool is used intensively. Leaves, insects and other debris brought in from the outside need to be removed regularly. 

      Leave skimmers, vacuum cleaners, brushes, etc. are essential for pool maintenance. Dirt that accumulates at the bottom of the pool or floats in the water impairs both the appearance and bating comfort. The dirt also supports the development of algae, the growth of bacteria and the formation of deposits in the pipeworks.

      For even better water quality:

      • Remove calcium deposits on pool walls and floor
      • Clean and maintain the waterline with Protect&Shine
      • Prevent the buildup of calcium precipitations with Calcinex
      • Protect non stabilised or inorganic chlorine from being destroyed by UV rays

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