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Pool Water Problems

Common Pool Issues and How to Fix Them

Frequently asked questions 

Algae in my pool, pool water green? What can I do?
Eye and nose irritation, what should I do? 
Milky pool, what can I do when the water is cloudy? 
Limescale precipitations, how do I remove the white deposits from the bottom and the walls of my pool?

Over the course of the year, your pool can be affected by external factors (bad weather, heatwave, frequent use of the pool), which can lead to various water problems. In addition, an inappropriate pool maintenance or a mistake in the products dosage can damage the quality of the pool water and change it to a bad condition.

Whatever the problem: green algae growth, cloudy water, milky water, chlorine odour, eye irritation, presence of chloramines, limescale deposits…, we have the right solutions and products to help you recover beautiful, crystal-clear water quickly and permanently, without any risk for your health.

We've put together a list of the most common water problems here. After explaining the causes and symptoms, we'll show you the steps you need to follow to find a long-lasting solution.

No matter which water problem you're experiencing, BAYROL has the solution. Follow our step-by-step advice and get back to enjoying your pool to the maximum! 


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► How to analyse your pool water

In order to maintain clear and healthy water, pool owners need to take a number of parameters into account. Our experts will give you profound advice on analysing the pool water.

► The 4 BAYROL steps to pool maintenance

Regular maintenance of your pool is based on 4 main steps to ensure that the water is of good quality and crystal-clear. Follow these steps and you'll be able to swim in a clean, pleasant pool without any risk to your health.

► Filtration is the lifeblood of your pool

Filtration plays an essential role in the treatment of the water in your pool and ensures that you can always swim in healthy and pleasant water. A clean filter ensures efficient removal of dirt particles and impurities from the water, which improves the quality of the swimming experience. Regular filter replacement or cleaning is therefore essential to ensure optimum performance. Find out everything you need to know about pool filtration.

► Seasonal pool maintenance

The pool goes through several phases over the course of the year. The most important of these are: opening up the pool during the spring, regular maintenance during the season and winterizing.

► Sustainable pool water care

We all contribute to the future of our planet. Here are some tips and good practices that can be easily implemented in everyday life to align the needs of your swimming pool with the challenges of the environment.

► Protect your pool in bad weather

Heatwaves, thunderstorms and heavy rain can all threaten the balance of the water in your pool. Protect your pool in bad weather.

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