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Algae in the pool, algae problems... What to do?

Which symptoms indicate an algae problem?

Green, slippery coatings on the bottom and walls of the pool.

Green algae has formed on the surface of the pool.

The water in the pool is green and murky.

Algae causes water turbidity and discoloration in the pool water.

The water is green and milky, I cannot see the bottom of the pool anymore.

There is an algae infestation in your pool and should act quickly. 

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Turbid water

Step by step

  1. Remove algae and dirt deposits

    Manually brush off algae and dirt from the floor, walls and the skimmer and completely remove them with the help of a mechanical or electric pool cleaner, as well as by filtration.

  2. Clean and disinfect the sand filter

    Carry out a thorough filter backwash of at least 3 min. Apply a Filterclean Tab in the skimmer and let the circulation pump run for 12 hours. Carry out another filter backwash. 
    For cartridge filters, replace the cartridge or remove and thoroughly clean it. Product recommendation > Filterclean Tab

  3. Check the pH value

    The ideal pH value of pool water is between 7,0 - 7,4. A too high or too low pH value can cause skin irritations and stingy eyes, and water care products are not fully efficient. 
    Check the pH value with Quicktest pH/Cl/TA test strips or the electronic pool tester, and if necessary adjust to the ideal value with pH-Plus or pH-Minus. Product recommendation > pH-Minus, pH-Plus, QuicktestPooltester Electronic

  4. Perform a shock chlorination

    with Chlorifix®, Chloriklar® or Chloryte®. Only the high chlorine content achieved by shock chlorination can penetrate the mucus shell of the algae to kill it. Product recommendation > Chlorifix®, Chloriklar®Chloryte®

  5. Flocculation & turbidity removal

    Place a Superflock Plus flocculation cartridge in the skimmer and let the circulation pump run for 24 hours. Superflock Plus removes finest particles and ensures crystal clear water (only applicable in filters with sand or filter glass). For cartridge filters, apply a liquid clarifiyer. Product recommendation > Superflock Plus

  6. Carry out a filter another backwash

    and check the chlorine level. If the free chlorine level is below 1.5 mg/l 24 hours after shock chlorination, repeat the shock chlorination.

  7. Algae prevention

    After a successful shock chlorination, add Desalgin® JET to improve the prevention of algae. The prophylactic anti-algae concentrate is used to prevent algae growth and thus reduces the addition of disinfectants. Product recommendation > Desalgin®JET

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