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Filterclean Tab
Private pool Filter

Chlorine tablet 200g for the dual disinfection of sand filters. Increases the effectiveness of water treatment products and improves water quality.

  • Sand or glass filter
  • For all pool sizes
  • Where: in the skimmer
  • When: when required
  • Dosage: 1 tablet for 15m³
  • Homme_piscine

    Filterclean Tab is a strong disinfectant for filters (sand or glass). The patented chlorine tablet disintegrates after about 10 minutes and removes impurities accumulated in the filter bed of the sand filter despite backwashing. The tablet reduces the consumption of water treatment products and improves water quality.

    Filterclean Tab is composed of two layers:

    The first layer performs a quick shock chlorination of the filter.

    The second layer, composed of slow-dissolving chlorine granules intensively disinfects the filter within approx. 30 minutes.

    A regular filter disinfection significantly increases the efficiency of water treatment products.

    • Benefits
      Efficient filter cleaning and disinfection

      for sand and glass filters

      Suitable for all treatment methods

      Chlorine, bromine and active oxygen (chlorine-free)

      Reduces the consumption of water treatment products
      Can be used for any water

      very efficient for hard water

      Simple dosage

      1 tablet per 15m³ in the skimmer

      Does not affect the pH-value

      in concentrated form: more safety during transport and storage

    • Use

      Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use.

      This product is to be used exclusively for the specified purpose in accordance with this description.

      • Perform a backwash first.
      • Before adding, check the pH with BAYROL test strips and, if necessary, adjust it to the ideal range of 7.0 to 7.4.
      • Place 1 tablet per 15m³ in the skimmer while the circulation pump is running.
      • The tablet disintegrates quickly and burns the dirt remaining, despite backwashing.
      • Run the circulation pump for 12 hours.
      • Normally, the chlorine is completely used up in the filter and does not enter into the pool. Nevertheless, measure the chlorine level after use and do not bathe again until the level is below 3mg/L.
      • The application should be done annually at the beginning of the season and additionally in case of water problems.

      Important notes: Never mix chemicals with other chemicals, either in solid form or in concentrated solution!

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