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Getting your pool up and running again


Before the summer joys of swimming, a pool cleaning is necessary. It is important to open your pool at the right time before algae or impurities develop. Opening the pool is thus recommended as soon as the water temperature is above 15°C.


Two things are essential to get your pool back in operation: removing impurities from the pool and removing impurities from the filter. To achieve this cleaning, the use of the right products associated with the right gestures is necessary.

Les actions
  1. Clean your pond liner

    Brush the sides of the pond and clean the water line with a designated brush and water line cleaner. Suggested products > Adisan / Bordnet / Bordnet Gel S

  2. Adjust the water level

    Renew at least a third of the water between each season.

  3. Clean the pond and filter thoroughly

    For sand filters, backwash the filter. Disinfect the filter. Put the filtration on continuous operation until the water is crystal clear. Suggested product > Filterclean Tab

  4. Preventative treatment against limescale

    Suggested product &; Calcinex®

  5. Check the TAC and adjust it if necessary to a value > 10°F

    Suggested product > Alca-Plus®

  6. Adjust the pH of the water

    The pH should ideally be between 7.0 and 7.4 (7.0 and 7.6 for bromine). Suggested product > pH Minus / pH Plus

  7. Perform a shock treatment

    To remove all microorganisms and particles. Suggested products >Chloryte® , Chloriklar® , Chlorifix®

  8. Start a preventive algaecide treatment

    The addition of an anti-algae is necessary to slow their growth and prevent their spread in the pond. Suggested products > Desalgine® / Desalgine® Jet

  9. Make a flocculation, for a crystal clear water

    If your pool has a sand filter. Suggested product > Superflock Plus

  10. Start regular treatment

    Depending on the disinfection method chosen. Suggested products > Chlorilong® , Aquabrome® , Soft & Easy...

  11. Set the filtration to minimum operation

    When the water is clear again, set the filtration to a minimum daily operation equal to the water temperature divided by 2.

    To help you: if the water is 20°C, the filtration should run for a minimum of 10 hours a day, during the hours when the temperature is highest, i.e. during the day.

    If your pool water is hard (high TH), the operation of descaling the filter is recommended at the time of wintering.

    If this step was not performed last fall, then consider descaling the filter 2 or 3 days after restarting. Suggested product > Decalcit Filter