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Ready-to-use liquid spray to clean the waterline and inside the pool skimmer. Compatible with all alkaline-resistant coatings.

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  • Pool walls and inside skimmer
  • When needed
  • Usage

    Use this product only in accordance with the instructions on the packaging.

    - Can be used on swimming pools during operation.

    - Spray concentrate directly onto parts to be cleaned.

    - Clean with brush or sponge.

    - Rinse with pool water.


    Recommendations : Before use, test on a small surface.

    Warning: Do not use on materials that are not alkaline-resistant, such as aluminum. Never mix different chemicals in concentrated form. Always add the product to the water, never the other way round.


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  • Benefits

    Easy to use and quick to clean

     thanks to the spray bottle.

    Can be rinsed with pool water

    Alkaline cleanser

    particularly suitable for greasy deposits.

    Can be used in swimming pool during operation

    Bordnet removes spots of dirt and grease from pool walls and skimmer interiors. The spray makes its application quick and easy.

    Bordnet is a ready-to-use liquid specially formulated to remove greasy deposits from the waterline. Its alkaline formula, concentrated in active ingredients with degreasing powers, removes residues of sunscreen cream or oil, as well as wastes from surrounding pollution.

    After floating on the water's surface, these greasy residues stick to the walls, leaving a visible spot on the pool's waterline.

    Bordnet spray cleans all types of liners without risk: tiles, liners or polyester hulls. It also cleans skimmers quickly. Rinses easily with pool water.

    Available in 1 L bottle.

    Dangerous. - Observe safety precautions. 

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