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Automatic pool treatment Made in Germany


Within the BAYROL Group, and for over 40 years, BAYROL Technik is the department responsible for the design of automatic pool water treatment equipment. This division also oversees all after-sales activities, from technical assistance and hotline to in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs. 

Since 2017, BAYROL Technik has been the signature brand for automatic water control devices such as PoolManager®, PoolRelax® and the Automatic range. This brand stands for reliability, quality and professionalism. 

Designed and manufactured by BAYROL Technik in Germany, our devices combine ease of use and exceptional performance with one key principle: quality. In terms of design and components, we aim for maximum reliability and durability. In addition, our products undergo regular quality controls throughout the manufacturing process, from receipt of components to shipment, as well as various inspections on our test benches.

With the ever-increasing demand for automated water treatment, our technical department has grown and developed over the last few years. On a daily basis, we develop the skills of our teams to imagine the products of tomorrow and respond more rapidly to the expectations of our customers and users. In addition, we support and train pool professionals to create a dense network of partners with extensive technical know-how.

What are the advantages of automatic pool treatment?

Time saving

Automatic treatment and pool management systems relieve pool owners of much of the effort and hassle involved in manually dosing disinfectant and pH into the pool. This saves you time and allows you to devote your time to other tasks.

Continuous pool maintenance

We all know that to guarantee perfect water quality in your pool, it needs to be checked and maintained regularly. An automatic treatment system provides a continuous supply of the products needed for disinfection. It relieves the pool owner of all these essential steps, even when on holiday. "There's no such thing as forgetting to treat your pool!

Constantly clear pool water

Automatic pool maintenance ensures consistently high water quality. A chlorine and pH regulator for swimming pools is equipped with measuring sensors that ensure accurate readings of the water's pH and disinfectant levels. Differences between the desired values and the actual values are then regularly adjusted by the automatic control system. No more water problems!

Energy efficiency and preservation of resources

An automatic water treatment system ensures that the exact quantities required are always dosed. Unlike manual maintenance, over- or under-dosing of products is prevented. Only the right amount of water care products is added at exactly the right time to maintain the best possible water quality.

Complete pool management

Do you own a swimming pool or a salt water pool? You now have the option of using your treatment device to control a multitude of functions in your pool. You can connect existing equipment such as heat pumps, pool lighting, counter-current swimming, pool fountains and much more. Automatic treatment systems can also be integrated into Smart Home applications, so they can be controlled even more quickly and conveniently.

Remote access

A network connection via cable or a WIFI module means that pool management systems can be easily accessed from a Smartphone via an application or from a PC. Once the pool treatment device is connected, you can not only monitor the water parameters, but also, if necessary, control these values remotely.

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      Automatic water treatment Made in Germany

      All BAYROL Technik products are developed and manufactured in Germany. The production process is subject to strict quality controls, from the mechanical and electronic components right through to assembly.

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      Optimum pool experience

      An automatic water treatment system ensures consistently high, reliable water quality. Deviations from set and analysis values are regularly readjusted by the automatic control system.

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      A wide range of products

      Whether you want to maintain your pool with salt (salt electrolysis), liquid chlorine (chlorine dosing system), bromine or active oxygen, or simply equip yourself with a pH regulator, you'll find the automatic solution to suit your needs in our range.

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