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The PoolRelax® safely and reliably regulates the pH value and disinfection factors relevant for optimally maintained water.

Controls pH value and disinfectant addition
For pools up to 100 m³
Integrated measuring chamber
Water treatment with chlorine, active oxygen or bromine
Technik Pool Relax BAYROL
Pool Relax BAYROL

PoolRelax® is an automatic dosing system for pH regulation and disinfection with chlorine, active oxygen or bromine. Through the use of high-quality components and a well thought-out technical design, the PoolRelax® performs its tasks reliably and safely.

PoolRelax® is a compact dosing system that ensures safe and precise water care. The measured values are checked by the PoolRelax® and if necessary the necessary amount of water care agent is dosed. Through its up to 4 switching outputs, additional functions such as the pool lighting, a waterfall or the heat pump can be controlled from the PoolRelax®.

If the PoolRelax® should also be operated remotely, the use of the optional web module is recommended. This allows extensive access to the settings from anywhere via the Internet.

The optional web module can be used to control the pool from a distance.

  • Benefits
    Safe and precise water maintenance

    High-precision measuring probes ensure accurate and reliable measurement. In case of deviations beyond the limit values or other undesirable events, the PoolRelax® informs with acoustic and optical signal on the device.

    Convenient and simple operation

    The large 4.3" touch display with backlight allows easy reading and particularly simple operation of the PoolRelax®.

    Switching functions

    The PoolRelax® includes 4 switching outputs, which can be used flexibly for switching pool functions such as waterfall or pool lighting. Optionally, 4 more switching outputs can be added with the web module.

    Reliable technology

    Made in Germany.

  • Technical data
    •  PoolRelax® Chlorine
    •  PoolRelax® Oxygen
    •  PoolRelax® Bromine
    Measured variables/ranges
    • pH 0-9.99
    • Redox 0-999 mV
    • Temperature 0-49.9 °C (only for PoolRelax® Oxygen)
    • Large 4.3" touch display with backlight
    • Easy to read and intuitive menu
    Monitoring and safety functions
    • Event log logs events or changes
    • Monitoring flow rate sample water circuit
    • Separate power supply for metering pumps
    • Container level monitoring
    • Measured value alarm
    • Dosing time alarm
    Switching functions
    • 4 switching outputs
    • For switching pool functions such as waterfall or pool lighting
    Communication / Remote access

    Remote control via Internet using web module (optional)


    440 x 351 x 125 mm (W x H x D)

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