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Liquid concentrate based on inorganic chlorine for continuous disinfection. Ideal for automatic dosing systems.

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  • For all filter types
  • For all pool sizes
  • Where: in the pool's circulation system
  • When: continuous treatment
  • Dosing: automatic dosing
  • Usage

    Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use.

    This product is to be used exclusively for the specified purpose in accordance with this description.

    • The ready-to-use chlorinated liquid is to be used only in conjunction with an automatic measuring, control, and metering equipment.
    • A prerequisite for fully effective chlorination is the maintenance of a pH-value between 7.0 and 7.4, which is best controlled through a liquid pH regulator using an automatic dosing system.

    Tip: To prevent lime precipitation and deposits, the addition of the hardness stabilizer Calcinex® is recommended for hard water.

    Important notes: It is essential to observe the operating instructions of the manufacturer of the dosing system as well as the instructions for use and precautionary measures on the product label!

    Storage in closed original jerrycan in a frost-free and cool environment. Keep away from unauthorized persons.


  • Resources
    safety data 2023
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  • Benefits

    Easy handling

    by means of automatic dosing system, directly from the jerrycan

    Eliminates bacteria

    and removes turbidity in the pool water

    Contains sequestering agents

    fighting against clogging of pumps, injection valves and dosing pipes

    Does not contain cyanuric acid

    Chloriliquide is a concentrate liquid based on inorganic chlorine for a continuous disinfection via an automatic dosing system. It includes a hardness stabilizer which prevents lime deposits at the injection points.

    Chloriliquide consists of high quality active ingredients and contains sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach) with 12% active chlorine. The special formula contains a sequestering agent fighting against clogging of pumps, injection valves and dosing pipes. The dosing is carried out by an automatic measuring, control and dosing system or via a separate dosing pump.

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