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Automatic pH & Automatic Cl-pH

Automatic water treatment-simple, reliable and connected

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Controls pH value and disinfectant addition
For pools up to 90 m³
Analysis cell integrated in pool piping
Water care with chlorine (Automatic Cl-pH only)

Technical Specifications

  • Alarm when setpoint is exceeded or not reached 
  • Intelligent dosing time alarm
Control unit
  • LCD display 4 lines with 20 characters
  • Keyboard with 5 keys including key combination for probe calibration

H 320 × W 210 × D 93.5 mm

  • pH
  • redox
  • High and low measurement alarms
  • Dosing time alarm 
  • Flow sensor (optional)
  • Input for connecting strainers with low-level sensors (strainers optional)

Compact 2in1 device

Measurement and control of pH value and chlorine. The installation of the Automatic Cl-pH and the integration into the circulation system is very easy and time-saving due to the compact design, even in confined spaces.


Thanks to its compact design, installation and integration in the machine room are extremely simple, saving time even in confined spaces.

Quality and reliability

The Automatic Cl-pH, designed and manufactured in Germany, benefits from strict quality controls throughout the production chain, from mechanical and electronic components to assembly.


The system tunes itself to the operating conditions after entering a few parameters.

Simple and safe

Smart&Easy technology ensures the easiest operation and safe operation with audible and visual notifications.

Proven quality

Designed and manufactured by BAYROL Technik in Germany, Automatic Cl-pH benefits from rigorous quality control throughout the entire production chain, from mechanical and electronic components to assembly.

 Automatic pH & Automatic Cl-pH takes over the automatic measurement of pH and disinfection, and controls the dosing of the necessary water care products as needed.

 Automatic pH & Automatic Cl-pH is equipped with the new Smart&Easy technology, which automatically adapts the reactions of the device to the needs of your pool. The sophisticated intelligence of the Smart&Easy technology supports you in every situation, making operation as easy as possible.

With Automatic Cl-pH, setting a perfect pH value and the exact dosage of disinfectant is child's play.

Enjoy your pool with complete peace of mind

    • Smart&Easy.png
      Smart&Easy Technology

      Easy to use, whether you're a novice or an expert

      • Simple commissioning and reliable operation with visual and audible warnings.
      • User-friendly, intuitive interface with large 4.3" touchscreen.
      • Intelligent software functions, such as first-time commissioning wizard and step-by-step instructions in the event of warning messages.

    • Automatic-WiFi.png
      Integrated WiFi module

      Control Automatic Cl-pH remotely

      • Comes as standard with an integrated WiFi module for remote control via Smartphone or PC.
      • Full access to settings and total control of your pool, even on the move.

    • Dosage-Automatic.png
      Precise analysis & dosing

      Ensures exact dosing of required quantities at all times

      • Accurately analyzes and doses pH and chlorine (via redox measurement).
      • Ensures stable water balance and safe disinfection with optimum disinfectant content.
      • Chloriliquide and pH-Minus Liquid are injected by powerful, silent dosing pumps.

Optional kits

for even greater automation


Smart&Easy Connector with flow control

Ensures easy installation and maintenance of all sensors. Integrated flow control for added safety.


Intelligent canister level monitoring

Displays canister fill level in real time on the screen as an icon.


Comfortable temperature monitoring

The temperature sensor makes it easy to keep an eye on your pool's water temperature.

Caution: The installation and commissioning of the Automatic pH & Automatic Cl-pH must be carried out by a trained professional installer! Please read the operating instructions for the device carefully to familiarize yourself with its operation, and pay particular attention to the safety regulations and instructions. If you have any questions, please contact your specialist dealer.

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