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Granules for increasing a pH-value below 7.0. Exact dosing possible through an enclosed dosing cup.

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  • For all filter types
  • For all pool sizes
  • Where: directly into the water
  • When: when required
  • Dosage: 100 g per 10 m³ to increase the pH-value by 0.1
  • Usage

    Always read label and product information before use.

    This product is to be used exclusively for the specified purpose in accordance with this description.

    • Check pH at least once a week using BAYROL test strips and adjust to the ideal range of 7.0 to 7.4, if necessary.
    • To raise the pH-value by 0.1, 100 g of pH-Plus per 10 m³ is required.
    • Dose evenly at several points directly into the water while the circulation pump is running.

    Tip: The pH regulation is the first step to clean pool water and optimal bathing comfort. Check the pH level at least once a week.

    Important notes: To prevent lime precipitation and deposits, the addition of Calcinex® is recommended for hard water.


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  • Benefits

    Fast and complete dissolving

    no residue

    pH-value stabilization through buffer effect

    Simple and precise dosing

    incl. dosing cup

    High chemical purity

    pH-Plus granules raise the pH-value of the water and are dosed directly into the water when the pH-value is below 7.0. 

    pH-Plus consists of high-quality sodium carbonate granules, which dissolve quickly and without residue. The granules help to stabilize the TA value and effectively regulates the pH- value in the swimming pool water.

    It is compatible with all disinfection methods (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen), all filter types (filter systems with sand and glass filters, cartridge filters...) and all pool surfaces (liner, tiles, silico-marbled lining, polyester).

    Thanks to the enclosed dosing cup, the dosing of the granules is very easy and the correct pH-value can be precisely adjusted (pH-Plus is also available in pre-portioned bags).

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