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My pool water is cloudy and smelly, what to do?


The water is turbid, milky

Too many organic pollutants, too little disinfectant. Possibly the filter is dirty. 

The water smells unpleasant.

Microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) have developed in the water.

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Green water, algae infestation

Step by step

  1. Clean the pool

    Manually brush off dirt deposits from the floor, walls and the skimmer and completely remove them with the help of a mechanical or electric pool cleaner, as well as by filtration. 

  2. Clean and disinfect the sand filter

    Carry out a thorough filter backwash of at least 3 min. Apply a Filterclean Tab in the skimmer and let the circulation pump run for 12 hours. Carry out another filter backwash. 
    For cartridge filters, replace the cartridge or remove and thoroughly clean it.
    Product recommendation > Filterclean Tab

  3. Check the pH value

    The ideal pH value of pool water is between 7,0 - 7,4. A too high or too low pH value can cause skin irritations and stingy eyes, and water care products are not fully efficient. 
    Check the pH value with Quicktest pH/Cl/TA test strips or the electronic pool tester, and if necessary adjust to the ideal value with pH-Plus or pH-Minus
    Product recommendation > Quicktest, pH-MinuspH-Plus

  4. Perform a shock chlorination

    with Chlorifix®, Chloriklar® or Chloryte®.
    Product recommendation > Chlorifix®, Chloriklar®Chloryte®

  5. Flocculation and turbidity removal

    Place a Superflock Plus flocculation cartridge in the skimmer and let the circulation pump run for 24 hours. Superflock Plus removes finest particles and ensures crystal clear water (only applicable in filters with sand or filter glass) 
    For cartridge filters, apply Superklar, a liquid clarifiyer. 
    Product recommendation > Superflock Plus, Superklar



  6. Enjoy your pool !

➡ Why is my pool water turbid?

There can be many causes of turbid water. Turbid or milky water may be due to a large amount of organic pollutants in your pool. Your pool needs to be cleaned regularly (walls, water line, pool bottom...). A lack of disinfectant can also be the cause: micro-organisms develop and accumulate in the water. Finally, a turbid water issue may be linked to a filtration problem (faulty filtration system or insufficient filtration time).

➡ How do you remove and clean a turbid water?

To effectively fight against turbid water and reach a clear water, follow the actions in the step-by-step procedure. Clean your pool, wash and disinfect your filter, adjust your pH, carry out a shock treatment, flocculate and filter.

➡ Can I swim in a turbid or milky pool water?

You can't swim in a pool if the water is cloudy. Apart from the unsightly appearance, the impurities and micro-organisms that have accumulated in the water are harmful to bathers. To recover clear, clean and healthy water, follow the appropriate treatment steps.

➡ Why is filtration essential for crystal-clear water?

Filtration is 80% of your pool water treatment. If your filtration system is faulty, if you don't maintain it sufficiently or if the daily filtration time is not long enough, this will cause water problems.  Note that the daily filtration time in hours must be at least equal to the water temperature divided by 2.

➡ What is the purpose of flocculation/clarification?

Flocculation / clarification ensures clear water for your pool. Along with water balance, disinfection and algae control steps, it is an important part of the pool water treatment. The appearance of cloudy water is a phenomenon that affects all swimming pools at one time or another (like green algae, cloudy water is a very common problem). Suspended particles in the water are the cause. Most filtration systems are not able to filter fine particles. The result: cloudy water. To avoid this kind of problem, filtration makes suspended particles filterable. The flocculant makes them large enough for the filter to retain them. A simple process then removes them, leaving the water clear.

➡ I filter enough but my water remains cloudy, why?

If your water remains cloudy despite an appropriate treatment and sufficient filtration time, consider checking your filter media. Regular maintenance of the filtration system is necessary if you want to avoid water problems. Use an anti-scale product to descale your sand filter with Decalcit Filtre. If your filter material is contaminated with bacteria or micro-organisms, clean it with Filterclean Tab. For a cartridge filter, remove the cartridge and immerse it in a solution of Decalcit Filtre to descale it. If necessary, remember to change the cartridge.

➡ Why does my water remain cloudy despite various treatments?

When you've tried everything and the pool water remains cloudy or milky despite various treatments, it's possible that the products used are unsuitable or incorrectly dosed. Contact our experts to find a tailor-made solution to your water problem.

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