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Pooltester Electronic

Waterproof device for automatic measurement of water parameters: pH, chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, stabiliser and alkalinity. Analyses water in private pools and spas with a simple gesture.

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  • For all types of filter
  • For any volume of water
  • From the pool
  • Toutes les semaines
  • Every week
  • Usage

    Use this product only in accordance with the instructions on the packaging.

    • Switch on the Electronic Pooltester and open the cap.
    • Dip it into the pool to collect the water sample
    • Close the cap
    • Press zero then mode to select the type of analysis required
    • Insert the reagent corresponding to the selected analysis
    • Crush the tablet with the brush
    • Close the cap and shake for 15 sc
    • For free chlorine, pH, stabiliser and bromine, wait 15 seconds before pressing the test button to obtain the analysis result.
    • For total chlorine and tac, wait 2 minutes before pressing test to obtain the analysis result.


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  • Benefits

    Modern, ergonomic design

    Easy to use

    Reliable and accurate measurements

    Based on the principle of photometry.

    Waterproof case

    Submersible for 1 hour at 0.1 metres.

    For a well-treated pool, you need to analyse your water regularly. With the Electronic Pooltester, you can easily and accurately determine these essential values. Collect water directly from the pool, add a reagent and read the result on the screen.

    The BAYROL Electronic Pooltester measures 6 essential water parameters: pH, free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, alkalinity and stabiliser (isocyanuric acid). The results are displayed in record time: from a few seconds to just 2 minutes, depending on the parameters measured. No more reading results that are sometimes difficult to read when there are variations in light levels on colorimetric systems! You'll get an immediate, reliable and accurate reading of your pool's water parameters. And if you fall into the water, your Electronic Pooltester is safe! It's waterproof and won't sink.

    Dangerous. - Observe safety precautions.

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