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Desalgine® Jet

Concentrated, non-foaming liquid algaecide for the prevention of algae growth. Ideal for pools with counter-current systems or water attractions.

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  • For all filter types
  • For all pool sizes
  • Where: directly into the water
  • When: weekly
  • Dosage: 50ml per 10m³
  • Usage

    Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use.

    This product is to be used only for the specified purpose as described herein.

    • Pretreatment: coat pool walls and floor with a 1-2% solution of Desalgine® Jet to form a protective coating and allow the solution to dry.
    • Initial addition: dose 150ml of Desalgine® Jet per 10m³ directly into the water with the circulation pump running. After dosing, allow the circulation pump to run for at least two hours to allow the product to spread out well in the pool.
    • Weekly dosage: add 50ml of Desalgine® Jet per 10m³ under the same conditions.
    • If your pool is already affected by algae growth, carry out a shock treatment with Chlorifix®, Chloriklar® or Chloryte®, then backwash the filter thoroughly and then add 250ml of Desalgine® Jet per 10m³.

    Tip: The pool water must be circulated continuously. To calculate the circulation time, use the following rule of thumb: water temperature: 2 = circulation time per day.  In the event of lots of bathers, storms and high temperatures, it is required to add up to twice the usual dosing amount per week. To reliably prevent algae growth, Desalgine® Jet must be dosed regularly once a week from the beginning until the end of the season.

    Important Notes: Never mix chemicals with other chemicals, either in solid form or in concentrated solutions! When mixing chemicals solutions, always dose the product into water, not vice versa.


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  • Benefits

    Free of heavy metals (copper sulfate...)

    safe for pool liners

    Long-term effect against algae

    patented formula

    Foam-free anti-algae concentrate

    ideal for pools with counter-current systems or water attractions

    Economical to use 

    very high active ingredient content  

    Clarifying effect

    provides enhanced sparkling water

    Desalgine® Jet is a liquid, foam-free and pH-neutral algaecide. It safely prevents the growth and spread of algae in pool waters. Because Desalgine® Jet is non-foaming, it is ideal for use in pools with counter-current systems or other water attractions. The included clarifying effect makes the water even more sparkling.

    Unlike other regular anti-algae products, the Desalgine® Jet formula contains a high concentration of active ingredients and a long-term effect against algae. Without copper sulfate, thus prevents damage to pool surfaces and built-in parts.

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