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The water in my pool is clear but has a green/brown tint... what can I do?

How can I recognise an iron oxidation problem?

The water in the pool became discoloured after the disinfectant was added

It turned green or brown

Filling water comes from boreholes

The iron in the water was oxidised after the addition of a disinfectant.

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Green water, algae infestation Metallic blue water

Step by step

  1. Check the TAC

    If the TAC is below 80 mg/L, increase it with Alca-Plus®. > Alca-Plus®

  2. Adjust the pH of the water

    with pH-Minus or pH-Plus. Adjust the pH to between 7.0 and 7.4 if treating with chlorine. For bromine treatments, adjust the pH to between 7.4 and 7.6. With a balanced pH, treatment products are more effective.. pH MinuspH PlusPooltester Electronic,

    • Do a shock treatment

      to neutralise all impurities and micro-organisms in the water.

      •  For pools treated with chlorine, use  Chloryte® (non-stabilised chlorine), Chlorifix® or Chloriklar® (stabilised chlorine).
      • For pools treated with bromine, use Aquabrome®
    • Add a flocculant

      Place a cartridge of Superflock Plus flocculant in the skimmer basket every 7 to 15 days for pools with a sand or glass filter (if you have a cartridge filter, use Superklar) > Superflock PlusSuperklar

    • Filter twenty-four hours a day

      Until the water is crystal clear again. then resume your normal daily filtering routine. If necessary, change the filter material (sand)

    • Backwash the sandfilter / clean the cartridge filter

      Then reactivate the filtration system until the water is clear and colourless. If the water is still not crystal clear, put another Superflock Plus cartridge in the skimmer.

    • Prevent metallic deposits

      To protect your pool, add Calcinex as soon as the pool is filled. You'll avoid new limescale deposits and metal stains or discoloration. > Calcinex®

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