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SpaTime Clarifier

Concentrated liquid to prevent spa / jacuzzi water turbidity.

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  • When: every week
  • Dosage: 10ml per m³
  • Usage

    Always read label and product information before use.

    This product is to be used exclusively for the specified purpose in accordance with this description.

    • Add the required amount of SpaTime Clarifier, undiluted directly to the spa water once a week, while the circulation pump is running.
    • After adding SpaTime Clarifier, let the filter pump run for at least two hours.
    • If the water is still cloudy after 36 hours, it is an organic contaminant. This can only be eliminated by raising the chlorine level (using SpaTime Chlorine Granules)

    Tip: Before dosing, you should check the pH-value using SpaTime test strips and, if necessary, set it to the correct value of 7.0 - 7.6. Only then can SpaTime Clarifier work in an optimal way.


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  • Benefits

    For all filter types

    especially suitable for cartridge filters

    Works independently of water temperature

    and treatment method used

    Improves the filtration effect immediately

    Reduces the consumption of disinfectants

    SpaTime Clarifier provides clear water in the spa / jacuzzi. Finest turbid particles can usually not be filtered out. SpaTime Clarifier ensures that the smallest turbid particles, which are not normally retained in the filter, are bonded with larger particles and this makes the water clear again.

    SpaTime Clarifier works independently and regardless of water temperature and treatment method used. It is suitable for all filter types, especially cartridge filters.

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