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SpaTime Anti-Limescale

Concentrated liquid to combat limescale. This limescale remover prevents the formation of limescale in spas and prevents cloudy water.

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  • If necessary
  • 20 to 30 ml per m³
  • Usage

    Use this product only as directed.

    • Add SpaTime Anti-Limescale directly to the spa water, with filtration running, immediately after each fill and before adding water care products.

    Warning: Never mix different chemicals in concentrated form. Always add the product to the water and never the other way round.



    Stable in the presence of chlorine

    Prevents water from becoming cloudy


    No phosphates

    Prevents stains

    SpaTime Anti-Limescale prevents stubborn limescale deposits.

    SpaTime Anti-Limescale prevents limescale build-up on the walls and pipes of your spa. It also prevents the appearance of cloudy water due to high limescale levels.

    Regular use of SpaTime Anti-Limescale maintains the spa and prevents damage to the surfaces and circulation system over time. Particularly recommended in areas with hard water.

    SpaTime Anti-Limescale is compatible with all treatment methods.

    Available in 1 L bottle.

     Dangerous. - Observe safety precautions

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