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SpaTime Filter Cleaner

Granules for cleaning and extending the life of spa filter cartridges.

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  • In case of need
  • 2 caps (100g) in a 5 litre bucket of water. 4 caps (200g) for large filter cartridges.
  • Usage

    Use this product only as directed.

    • Dissolve the contents of 2 capfuls (100g) in a bucket filled with 5 litres of water. For large filter cartridges, pour in the contents of 4 capfuls (200g). A round cap measures 50g.

    • First remove the largest impurities from the cartridge to be cleaned, then immerse it in the cleaning solution (wear protective gloves).

    • Turn the cartridge over several times at gradual intervals. Depending on how dirty it is, remove the cartridge from the solution after 3 to 5 hours and rinse it under running water.

    Tip: Clean the cartridge approximately once a month (more often if the spa is used intensively) and replace it completely every 6 months.

    Warning: Never mix different chemicals in concentrated form. Always add the product to the water and never the other way round.


    Cleans and extends cartridge life

    Easier to dose

    The cap contains around 50g of granules.

    SpaTime Filter Cleaner thoroughly cleans your spa's filter cartridges to improve filtration performance.

    A well-maintained filter increases its efficiency and helps to keep the water clean by retaining impurities. If it is not maintained, it becomes clogged and its effectiveness is significantly reduced.

    The result: poor water quality and high consumption of disinfectant.

    SpaTime Filter Cleaner granules are specially designed to maintain filter cartridges. They clean them thoroughly, extend their life and allow you to replace them less frequently.

    Available in 800g boxes.

    Dangerous. - Observe safety precautions.


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