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SpaTime drain cleaner
SPA Cleaning

Degreasing granules for in-depth cleaning of spa pipes.

  • If necessary
  • 200 g per m³ of water
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    Nettoyant canalisation 1kg SpaTime

    SpaTime Drain Cleaner thoroughly degreases and cleans the spa's hydraulic circuit. .

    Deposits build up over time, particularly in the pipes, and impair the spa's performance. Over time, this invisible build-up can lead to water treatment problems.

    This phenomenon has a negative impact on water quality. SpaTime Channel Cleaner granules are specially formulated for in-depth cleaning of your spa's pipes.

    SpaTime Drain Cleaner is compatible with all disinfection methods and works with all sizes of spa.

    Available in 1 kg boxes.


    Dangerous. - Observe safety precautions.

    • Benefits
      Eliminates residues accumulated in pipes
      Compatible with all disinfection methods
      Suitable for all spa sizes
    • Use

      Use this product only as directed.

      • Before draining the spa, use 200 g per m³ of Drain Cleaner in the pre-filter.

      • Remove the filter cartridge and clean it with SpaTime Filter Cleaner. Then replace the cartridge in the filter box and activate filtration.

      • Add 200 g of Drain Cleaner per m³ of water to the pre-filter. If your spa is not fitted with a pre-filter, first dilute 200 g of granules in a container filled with 5 L of water.

      • Pour this dilution into the pool water.

      • Run the filter pump for about 5 minutes. Leave for about 1 hour, then briefly circulate the water again.

      • Drain, rinse and refill the spa with clean water.

      Recommendation: Do not use the spa during the treatment. If necessary, clean the spa with SpaTime Waterline Cleaner. Fill the spa with mains water.

      Warning: Never mix different chemicals in concentrated form. Always add the product to the water and never the other way round.

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