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SpaTime drain cleaner

Degreasing granules for in-depth cleaning of spa pipes.

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  • If necessary
  • 200 g per m³ of water
  • Usage

    Use this product only as directed.

    • Before draining the spa, use 200 g per m³ of Drain Cleaner in the pre-filter.

    • Remove the filter cartridge and clean it with SpaTime Filter Cleaner. Then replace the cartridge in the filter box and activate filtration.

    • Add 200 g of Drain Cleaner per m³ of water to the pre-filter. If your spa is not fitted with a pre-filter, first dilute 200 g of granules in a container filled with 5 L of water.

    • Pour this dilution into the pool water.

    • Run the filter pump for about 5 minutes. Leave for about 1 hour, then briefly circulate the water again.

    • Drain, rinse and refill the spa with clean water.

    Recommendation: Do not use the spa during the treatment. If necessary, clean the spa with SpaTime Waterline Cleaner. Fill the spa with mains water.

    Warning: Never mix different chemicals in concentrated form. Always add the product to the water and never the other way round.


    Eliminates residues accumulated in pipes

    Compatible with all disinfection methods

    Suitable for all spa sizes

    SpaTime Drain Cleaner thoroughly degreases and cleans the spa's hydraulic circuit. .

    Deposits build up over time, particularly in the pipes, and impair the spa's performance. Over time, this invisible build-up can lead to water treatment problems.

    This phenomenon has a negative impact on water quality. SpaTime Channel Cleaner granules are specially formulated for in-depth cleaning of your spa's pipes.

    SpaTime Drain Cleaner is compatible with all disinfection methods and works with all sizes of spa.

    Available in 1 kg boxes.


    Dangerous. - Observe safety precautions.

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