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SpaTime Disinfectant Plus

Granules for disinfecting your spa water. Disinfectant Plus eliminates chloramines and prevents water problems: coloured water, cloudy water, etc.

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  • Directly into the spa water
  • Every week
  • 1 sachet per m³
  • Usage

    Add the entire contents of one sachet once a week directly into the spa water, with filtration running, preferably at a different time from the main disinfectant dosage. You can use the spa again 15 minutes after adding Disinfectant Plus.

    Warning: Use biocidal products with care. Read the label and product information before use.

    Never mix different chemicals in concentrated form. Always add the product to the water and never the other way round.


    Makes spa water crystal clear

    Provides additional disinfection

    Practical and safe to use

    With pre-measured sachets to be poured directly into the spa.

    SpaTime Disinfectant Plus provides basic disinfection and complements the disinfectant traditionally used.

    The special composition of SpaTime Disinfectant Plus effectively prevents water treatment problems and keeps the water crystal clear.
    It's an essential part of water maintenance, no matter how often you use your spa. Disinfectant Plus can also be used if the water is cloudy or coloured.

    Thanks to its special formulation, it eliminates chloramines, which are responsible for chlorine odour and eye irritation.
    What's more, you can use your spa again just 15 minutes after adding the product.

    Disinfectant Plus can be used with all maintenance methods (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, etc.).

    Available in boxes of 0.14 kg (4 sachets).

    Dangerous. Observe safety precautions. Use biocides with care.
    Read the label and product information before use.

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