Decalcit filtre - nettoyant filtre pour piscine l BAYROL
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Decalcit Filter

Highly effective granules for a fast decalcification of all filter types. Improve the filtration performance and increase the efficacy of the water treatment products.

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  • For all types of filter
  • Directly into the filter
  • If necessary
  • 1 kg Decalcit Filter in 10 L of water
  • Usage

    Use this product only in accordance with the instructions on the packaging. Deep descaling: once or twice a year.

    Sand filter:

    - With filtration stopped, close all the valves in the pipes (skimmer, bottom drain, sewer, discharge, etc.) and open the tank lid.

    - Spread a 10% solution (100g/1L of water) of Decalcit Filter on the sand.

    - Leave for at least 12 hours with the filter off and open (to allow degassing).

    - Close the filter, open all the valves, then backwash and rinse the filter.

    Cartridge (or diatomaceous) filter:

    - Immerse the cartridge (or the candles of the diatomaceous filter) overnight in a 10% solution of Decalcit Filter (1 kg / 10 L of water) then rinse thoroughly.

    Warning: Never mix different chemicals in concentrated form. Avoid spreading Decalcit Filter in the pool: Decalcit Filter creates chloramines when it comes into contact with chlorine. Always add the product to the water and never the other way round. 


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  • Benefits

    Quick action


    Effective removal of limescale

    Long-lasting protection

    Easier cleaning and improved filter performance.

    Decalcit Filter is made up of highly concentrated granules that quickly descale and clean all types of filter (sand filter, glass, cartridge, etc.). Regular use of Decalcit Filter visibly optimises filter performance, leaving your water crystal clear..

    When used regularly in the sand filter, Decalcit Filter prevents scaling and therefore agglomeration of the filter material. It prevents the formation of preferential passages.

    Its action maintains or optimises filter performance and improves the effectiveness of water treatment products. Impurities are retained more effectively by the filter, so disinfectant consumption is optimised. Decalcit Filtre can be used diluted to descale cartridge filters.

    Available in 1 kg bottles. 

    Dangerous. - Observe precautions for use.

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