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  • Pooltester pH/O₂ + refills

    Pooltester pH/O₂ measures the active oxygen content as well as the pH value.

    The tester includes two measuring chambers, which are filled with pool water. The appropriate reagent tablets are added to the test chambers to carry out a colour change. The discolored water is compared to the easy to read colour chart on the tester. Based on the values determined by the test, if necessary, adjustments can be made by adding the appropriate water treatment products.

    Note: This pool tester can only be used for water treated with Soft & Easy. The testing of water treated with liquid oxygen products (Bayrosoft®, Softswim®) is not possible!

    Sales unit:

    • Tester containing 2 x 20 reagent tablets for 40 water tests.
    • Refills for reagent tablets are available separately.

    Note: Product availability and sales units may vary from country to country. Please check with your local BAYROL dealer for details.



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