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  • Electronic Pooltester

    The Electronic Pooltester allows you to quickly and accurately measure the following parameters: pH, free chlorine, total chlorine, alkalinity and chlorine stabiliser.

    The measuring chamber intregrated in the device will be filled by immersing it into the water. The appropriate reagent tablet is added, which will discolour the water. The sample is then screened by the built in photometer, and the measured value is displayed on the digital screen.

    The electronic pool tester is capable of testing six different parameters; pH, free chlorine, total chlorine, alkalinity, the brome value and chlorine stabiliser (cyanuric acid). It only takes a few minutes to measures these values one after another, and have them displayed numerically. By using the Electronic Pooltester, you avoid the colour comparison of a standard pool tester, which can sometimes be rather difficult depending on the lighting conditions.

    Based on the accurate readings, the subsequent dosing of water treatment products is made very easy.

    Sales unit:

    • per unit
    • Refills for regent tablets are available separately

    Note: Product availability and sales units may vary from country to country. Please check with your local BAYROL dealer for details.

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