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  • Calcinex®

    Calcinex® is a chlorine stable liquid to prevent the build up of calcium precipitations and metal deposits on pool surfaces.

    The active ingredient in Calcinex® takes care that calcium remains in suspension, and cannot settle on the pool walls and floor. Calcinex® therefore prevents the formation of rough surfaces, which on one hand spoil the bathing experience, and on the other can lead to damage of the pool surfaces. Calcium deposits look unsightly, and after a certain period of time are very difficult to remove.

    The addition of 300 ml per 10 m³ of Calcinex® immediately after filling your pool reliably prevents the build up of such calcium deposits.

    Higly recommended for use in hard water areas.



    Sales unit:

    • 1 L bottle

    Note: Product availability and sales units may vary from country to country. Please check with your local BAYROL dealer for details.



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