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Pool Expert App

The Pool Expert app - Expert advice from BAYROL 24/7

Do you require assistance with your pool water care?

BAYROL provides you with your personal pool expert!

Simple, informative and easy to use - the Pool Expert app

for smartphones and tablet PC's keeps BAYROL expertise

at hand at any time.


The Pool Expert app provides you with:

• Precise analysis of your pool water with recommendations for optimum pool water care: Simply enter the pool parameters (pool size, filter type, treatment method, water temperature, etc.), and the app will show you what to do next.
• Problem Solver: If problems occur, you can use the Pool Expert app to determine the cause. The app also calculates the amount of treatment products needed (e.g. for shock chlorination) to ensure your pool water will become clean and crystal clear again.
• Hints and tips around the pool as well as seasonal pool care.
• Clear, easy to follow BAYROL product catalogue.
• Dealer search in your area.

The app is now available free of charge from the Apple Store for download to IOS devices as well as from the google store for android devices.