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Pool maintenance

Not only the pool water should be treated, but the pool itself needs to be kept in a clean condition as well. Therefore the pool should be emptied and thoroughly cleaned at least once a year (refer to seasonal pool care). This applies to both indoor and outdoor pools, because regardless of the visual state of the pool walls and the water, lime and dirt should be removed to prevent bacteria and algae growing. 

In this section you will find:

1. Maintenance cleaning of your filled pool
2. Filter care

Maintenance cleaning of your filled pool

Your pool should regularly be cleaned during the season as well, as organic debris and other matters such a sunscreen lotion, perfumes etc. enter the pool. For the removal of these residues, the use of Adisan is recommended. To remove dirt and grease from the pool waterline, we have developed BordnetĀ®. The application of BordnetĀ® is most effective after the water level has been lowered, e.g. after backwashing, as the waterline is more accessible for cleaning.

Caution when using common household cleaners: These are not designed for swimming pool maintenance and therefore will bring foreign matter into the pool water. This can lead to cloudiness, foaming, algae growth and damage to pool surfaces, for instance to the pool liner!

Filter care

We highly recommend that you carry out a backwash at least once a week to remove dirt that has accumulated in the sand filter. By backwashing the sand filter regularly, pool water will be replaced with fresh water. This prevents the accumulation of chlorides and nitrate salts, which have resulted from the chlorine reactions in the water.

Despite regular backwashing, calcium deposits can build up in the filter specially in hard water areas. In the worst case, this could result in the clogging of the filter and could significantly decrease its efficacy. To prevent this from happening, you should decalcify the filter 3 - 4 times a year with Decalcit Filter.

An efficient water disinfection as well as a successful turbidity removal via flocculation requires a well functioning sand filter system. We therefore recommend to check the condition of the filter material regularly, and replace it every 2-3 years!

BAYROL has carried out extensive research into the relationship between water quality and the condition of the filter. Results have shown that practically every second filter is dirty or contaminated. This has a significantly negative impact on the water quality, because the disinfectant is used up in the filter and can therefore no longer be effective in the pool. The result: cloudy or green water and generally a poor water quality.

To prevent problems in the filter, BAYROL has developed AFG - Activated FilterGlass. AFG is an advanced filter material made from green recycled glass, designed specifically for sand filters. The glass grains undergo a special surface treatment to ensure that even the smallest particles and organic debris are filtered out. The smooth surface of the grains prevents that virtually no bacteria will adhere to it, which drastically improves the backwash procedure. Please talk to your BAYROL dealer about changing your filter media from sand to AFG.

Pools with insufficient backwashing will have a highly contaminated sand filter. However, with the application of Filterclean Tab, the sand filter is intensively disinfected with chlorine for about 30 minutes. We recommend using Filterclean Tab at the beginning of the season and when problems occur.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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