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The 4 care steps from BAYROL


The regular maintenance of your pool is based one 4 steps that guarantee good quality, clear and healthy water. Follow these simple steps and bathe in crystal clear, hygienic pool water.

Équilibre de l'eau

1/ Water balance


Water balance or pH regulation is the basis of pool water maintenance. It is the first step to clean pool water and optimal bathing comfort. The ideal pH value is between 7.0 and 7.4. If the pH value is outside the recommended range, this can lead to skin and eye irritation as well as damage to built-in parts. All further maintenance steps are also less efficient. Inseparably linked to the adjustment of the pH value is the adjustment of the carbonate hardness or also alkalinity (TA value). An unstable pH value can be caused by a low alkalinity (TA value below 80 mg/l). A well adjusted TA value therefore prevents fluctuations of the pH value and ensures a stable water balance.


If the pH is outside the recommended range of 7.0 - 7.4*, and the TA is below 80 mg/l. Check the pH at least once a week. *7.0-7.6 when maintained with bromine.

Une baignade sécurisée

2/ Water disinfection


In addition to balancing the water, water disinfection is an essential step in pool maintenance to remove contaminants such as bacteria and microorganisms from the water. Without the addition of a disinfectant, the water will very quickly become cloudy and unsightly, and swimming will no longer be safe. 

Disinfection with chlorine is the best known method. However, there are alternative methods such as disinfection with active oxygen or bromine.


The pool water must be continuously disinfected throughout the swimming season. If there are problems (algae, cloudiness, slippery deposits), perform shock disinfection. Keep the chlorine content always between 0.5 and 1 mg / l.

Permanent disinfection methods and SUITABLE PRODUCTS:  
Shock disinfection methods and SUITABLE PRODUCTS:  
Tout sauf des algues

3/ Algae prevention


Even continuous water disinfection is not always enough to prevent the spread of algae in the pool. Therefore, prevention is necessary to prevent or slow down the growth of algae. Algae can spread very quickly via spores carried into the pool by the wind, and encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi. In addition, slippery algae coverings can cause accidents.


Add an algaecide to the pool water on a regular basis to prevent algae formation, especially during sunlight and heat, as these are particularly conducive to growth. The formation of algae is much easier and cheaper to prevent by preventive measures than to have to remove them later laboriously from the pool again.

Une eau cristalline

4/ Flocculation


Flocculation ensures crystal clear water in your pool. Cloudy water is a phenomenon that occurs in every pool at some point. The tiny particles suspended in the water are responsible for this. Most filters are not able to filter out these very fine particles. The result: the water becomes turbid. By the flocculant these finest particles are summarized and wrapped up in a "flake", and are thereby enlarged and made filterable. They are then finally and effectively removed from the filter during the next backwash.


Continuously, throughout the swimming season. The use of a flocculant is recommended only for sand or glass filters. For pools with cartridge filters, we recommend the use of a clarifier.