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Go on holiday peacefully

How do I treat my pool to anticipate a period of absence?


Maintaining your pool doesn't have to be stressful - quite the opposite! With a minimum of organization, you can fully enjoy your vacation knowing that when you return to home, your pool will be ready for the next swim.

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  1. Adjust the water level of your pool

    Make sure the water level is at the top 3/4 of skimmers


  2. Brush and deep clean your pond

    Insist on areas where unwanted deposits accumulate (water line, walls, skimmer)

  3. Control the different parameters of water balance

    Check that the pH is within the recommended range (7.0-7.4*) and that the TAC is above 80 mg/L (or 8°F).


    If needed, increase the TAC with Alca-Plus®, then correct the pH with pH-Plus or pH-Minus.


    Check the disinfectant level: if it is low, perform a shock treatment.


  4. Use a slow-release multifunctional treatment in your skimmer

    If the continuous treatment of the pool is provided by a manual chlorine-based treatment, give preference to a multifunctional slow-release treatment. 

    With Chlorilong® POWER 5 block, you ensure disinfection, permanent clarification as well as anti-algae action thanks to its algicide granules.


    Note: If your pool is equipped with an automatic regulation device for water treatment, just make sure that the level of products to be injected into the canisters is sufficient. Your pool water will be treated regularly thanks to the injection of the right amount of product at the right time.

  5. Program your filtration system for continuous operation
  6. Cover your pool with a tarp

    to protect water from impurities and prevent evaporation

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