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Breathe - it's chlorine

Breathe - it's chlorine


As a top European market player in pool water treatment, BAYROL keeps bringing new ideas to the market and keeps innovating. After a few years of deep investigations, BAYROL’s R&D department has indeed succeeded in significantly reducing the unpleasant smell of chlorine in the buckets thanks to a new innovating concept. BAYROL has invented a shell-shaped capsule made of a breathable fibre with activated carbon granules inside.

With the launch of this major innovation, BAYROL wants to go around a major disadvantage of chlorine products: the unpleasant smell created when chlorine comes into contact with air humidity. In pool stores, this chlorine atmosphere is unbearable and leads to discomfort situations which can negatively affect the customer experience. As to in-store teams, they feel unwell being exposed to the smell of chlorine all day long. Finally and for end-users, this “bad-smell issue” is also strongly present in technical rooms where they store their water treatment products. 46% of swimming pool owners affirm being bothered by the unpleasant smell of chlorine (W.WRS Conseils survey 2016). The result of this innovation is the world novelty Clorodor Control® capsule.

This newly-born Clorodor Control® capsule, winner of the 2017 Golden Wave Award in the category water treatment and chemicals, is put in all chlorine buckets of 5 and 10kgs of the BAYROL brand. Our studies finally show that the capsule is effective for at least two seasons and reduces the chlorine smell by up to 98%*.


*Reduces the smell in chlorine tablet buckets, not in water.

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