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With the pool and spa water expert always one step ahead

BAYROL’s long standing experience in pool water care is reflected in the comprehensive range of products. The assortment includes everything from pH regulation to filter care. For safe and easy pool care, some BAYROL products come in pre-measured sachets, and all products comply with the latest legal regulations and classifications for storage and transportation. The packaging of BAYROL products is environmentally friendly, recyclable, child-proof and UN approved.

The aim of BAYROL is to make pool care as simple as possible for the end consumer. Therefore as one of the very few in Europe, BAYROL maintains its own laboratories to develop new products and to continuously improve existing products. Over 50 people in the laboratories in Munich and Atlanta have been developing products which are highly effective and userfriendly. The results are innovative products such as, Soft & Easy, Multilong® and Varitab® to make pool water care particularly simple and comfortable.

Plenty of water for testing

BAYROL products are thoroughly tested long before launch into the market. In our own test pools checks are carried out to evaluate whether the products have the desired effect and if any problems could occur. Afterwards the products are being tested by pool owners under real conditions. The BAYROL lab staff accompanies and regularly examines these tests to ensure safety at all times.

Quality has first priority

Only if the production quality is right, the quality of the final product is also right. Therefore the control begins with the selection of raw materials. A dedicated department carries out random checks and controls all steps from production up to the finished product. Thus BAYROL guarantees the premium quality level in which swimming pool owners trust.