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Pool management system

The PoolManager® takes care of other tasks besides water treatment, such as the control of the circulation pump, water attractions and the pool heating. The extensive pool management program has the capacity to manage multiple features as you add more to your pool environment.

Additional functions

4 universal switch outputs

Flexible control of water attractions and other applications: 

  • Free name selection
  • Freely programmable timers
  • Potential link with other inputs and outputs
  • Potential link with external switches or feelers

Filter pump

Flexible control of the filter pump:

  • 3 potential operating modes for variable filter pumps (energy-saving mode, normal filter mode, increased output)
  • Freely programmable timers
  • Freely configurable dosage block
  • Potential link with external switches
  • Triggering via relay switching outputs or
  • Power output 0/4-20mA (optional) 

Flockmatic pump

Flockmatic pump control:

  • Freely programmable timers
  • Configurable dosage


Flexible control of pool heating:

  • Potential link with external switch
  • Potential combination with solar heating (solar priority)
  • Potential block via one input 

Solar heating

Flexible control of solar heating:

  • Potential link with external switch
  • Potential combination with pool heating (solar priority)
  • Potential block via an input

Salt electrolysis

Flexible control of a suitable salt electrolysis system:

  • Actual dosage for chlorine implemented into a control pulse for a salt electrolysis system
  • Trigger via a relay switching output (pulse width) or power outlet 0/4-20mA (option)

Eco mode

Flexible control of toggling between normal mode and eco mode (e.g. circulation via overflow gutter in normal mode, and/or via floor drain in eco mode):

  • Freely programmable timers
  • Triggering via relay switching outputs
  • Potential link with external switches or feelers

Simple operation

The menu configuration of the PoolManager® is clearly structured, thus making operation simple and intuitive. Five hotkeys allow quick navigation. You can clearly read all information from the high resolution TFT display.

Whilst developing PoolManager®, special emphasis was placed on an easy to follow, simple, and intuitive operation.

The screen design is presented in a modern and attractive manner.


Below is an overview of the comprehensive features and concepts of the graphical interface.

More Information


  • Large, high-resolution 7" (18 cm) colour TFT graphics display
  • Attractive 16:10 wide format
  • Wide VGA resolution (800x400)
  • 65536 colours
  • Energy-saving LED backlight

Simple, intuitive touchscreen operation

  • Robust touchscreen with supplemental full design overlay
  • Every touch is confirmed with a signal tone

Icon menu

  • Up to 20 high quality icons
  • Faster and easier access to all functions and parameters
  • Additional text for each icon in order to ensure clarity

Standard menu

  • Uniform setup on all standard menus
  • Uniform operation throughouts


  • 5 hotkeys for menu navigation and for important basic functions that are regularly needed (e.g. help function)

Measurement graph

  • Max record length of 1 year
  • Max resolution 1 min
  • Display of 1 or 2 measured variables
  • Display of all important alarm statuses

Mode menu

  • Called up using special hotkey
  • Various system functions turned on and off quickly and easily

Numerous menu languages available

  • Extensive support for special international characters and complete character sets (e.g. Cyrillic and Greek)


  • Selectable menu style
  • Selectable background image
  • Selectable button style

Remote access to the system

Connecting your PoolManager® to the internet or LAN enables you to monitor and regulate all functions of your pool remotely at any time and from anywhere using your phone, tablet or other internet enabled device.

The graphical interface of the PoolManager®  is completely based on the newest standard web technology. 



1  Web browser

The user interface is displayed by a web browser, which is running locally on the PoolManager® unit. Additional browsers running on any devices connected to the local network or the internet can access the web browser of the PoolManager®.





2  Web server

The web server delivers requested menu pages to all connected Web browsers.







3  Data server

The data server manages and stores all PoolManager® data (measured values, system statuses, configuration parameters) and makes them available to the web server.



 The PoolManager® webGUI facilitates complete and entirely transparent remote access from a local network (TCP/IP, Ethernet) or from the internet. Transparent remote access means that the user interface looks exactly the same as the display on the PoolManager® and is operated identically. Certain restrictions in remote access are required for security reasons only.

Remote access can be realised with any mobile or stationary device or system that is connected to the PoolManager® via a network or the internet, and which runs a standard browser. This prerequisite is already available as a standard on an ever growing number of modern systems.

Suitable devices and systems for remote access

All types of PCs, such as:

  • Desktop PCs, notebooks, netbooks
  • Home / media centre PCs
  • PCs with the Microsoft Windows® operating system
  • Apple iMac® or MacBook® PCs
  • PCs with the Linux operation system

Smartphones, such as:

  • Apple iPhone®
  • Smartphones with the Google Android® operating system
  • Smartphones with the Windows Phone 7® operating system
  • BlackBerry® smartphones

Tablet PCs, such as:

  • Apple iPad®
  • Tablet PCs with the Google Android® operating system (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Tab®)

Web-compatible TV devices

(or TV devices that can be used as a PC screen)

The green PoolManager®

The PoolManager® offers various possibilities to actively contribute to the protection of the environment. For instance it saves energy by reducing the performance of the circulation pump at night, by actively controlling the solar heater or by using the energy saving „power down“ function. The majority of its components and the packaging is produced from recyclable material.

Safe water treatment

The PoolManager® takes over all tasks reliably and precisely. The alarm function of the PoolManager® is activated in the event of fluctuations exceeding the set values. It draws attention to abnormalities visually on the display, as well as by an acoustic signal. It can also send an e-mail in the event of an alarm.

More information

Extensive monitoring and alarm functions

  • Upper and lower measuring value alarms
  • Flow monitoring
  • Level warnings and level alarms (canister level)
  • Dosage monitoring (monitoring for when setpoint is approached)
  • Battery alarm (buffer battery for the realtime clock)
  • Start delay after turning on the PoolManager® or after turning the circulation back on
  • Automatic blocking of dosage in critical alarm states and during start delay
  • Alarm indication on screen display
  • Acoustic alarm (can be disabled)
  • Alarm relay
  • Continuous monitoring of correct programme operation and automatic reset in the event of an error.

Direct help

The help hotkey is at your disposal at all times. When you press this hotkey, related help text is immediately shown, regardless of the menu point you are using. This way the PoolManager® can be fully be operated even when the manual instructions are not at hand.

Simple commissioning

This menu point shows you step by step how the PoolManager® is correctly set up after installation. You only need to enter a few parameters, and the device does the rest. This ensures that the PoolManager® is specially adapted to your pool from the start.

Your personal PoolManager®

The display of your PoolManager® can be adapted to suit your personal taste. You can individually change the icon style or the menu view, and upload your own images for the background.

Treatment methods

Depending upon your preference, the PoolManager® is available in three different treatment methods: Chlorine, chlorine free based on active oxygen and bromine.

And if you ever want to change the treatment method: thanks to its flexibility, the PoolManager® can easily be converted at any time.


PoolManager® Chlorine

For the traditional disinfection with ChloriLiquide liquid chlorine (also known as sodium hypochlorite or bleach). Measurement and regulating of pH value and chlorine (via redox potential). For an even more precise measurement, the PoolManager® is also available with a potentiostatic measuring method. More information on the PoolManager® PRO can be found below.

PoolManager® Oxygen - chlorine free

For the gentle disinfection with Bayrosoft® active oxygen. Measurement and regulating of pH value, dosing of active oxygen.

PoolManager® Bromine

For the alternative disinfection with Aquabrome® bromine tablets. Measurement and regulating of pH value and bromine (via redox potential). The very slow dissolving bromine tablets are dissolved in a dosing station (Brominator). Dosing of the bromine solution is done via a magnetic valve.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

The PoolManager® PRO with professional measuring method

Do you want to treat your pool water exactly the same as in a commercial pool? This is easily possible with the PoolManager® PRO. Based on a precise free chlorine measurement, the exact quantity of chlorine is dosed to ensure perfect water quality. Just like the PROfessionals.


Precise measurement

While the PoolManager® measures the redox potential, PoolManager® PRO uses the potentiostatic measurement principle. It precisely measures the actual chlorine content in the pool water and displays the chlorine value in mg/l.

Simple maintenance

The free chlorine measurement method used by the PoolManager® PRO is also low maintenance, self cleaning and thus very durable. Thanks to this highly developed technology, you do not need to worry about anything and can continue to enjoy your swimming pool.


All other features of the PoolManager® PRO correspond to those of the PoolManager®.